Hellow Wordpress Help File

Help file for Hellow Wordpress theme by Hero WP.

Theme Overview
Hi and thank you for purchasing Hellow Wordpress Theme. In order to install and use the theme, you need to have some basic knowledge about Wordpress. Anyway, this help file will guide you through this process, and make it easier for you.
Server & Wordpress Requirements
In order to make the theme run like a charm you'll need the following:

  • Wordpress 3.0+
  • Php 5.0+
  • GD library+
Theme can be installed in 2 ways:

1) By FTP

  • Login to your site via FTP
  • Browse to your website folder: wp-content/themes
  • Download, extract and upload the theme from the folder you just extracted.
  • Login to your Worpdress Administration, navigate to Appearance -> Themes
  • Find the theme and Activate it.

2) Using Wordpress

  • Login to your Worpdress Administration, navigate to Appearance -> Themes
  • Click on Install themes
  • Select the Upload tab.
  • Browse for the theme ZIP file(inside the MAIN DOWNLOAD files)
  • Click on Install now.
  • Activate the theme.

Required Plugins - VERY IMPORTANT
1.After activating the theme you will receive this notice, with the plugins that are required:

2.Click on "Begin Installing Plugins" and the following screen will appear:

3.Check all the plugins, and click on Install (don't worry about Activating them, they will Activate on their own after this step)
One Click Install (Replicate Live Demo Theme)
If you want to make the theme look just like the one in the demo with a single click, go to Appearance->Theme Options->Importer and press the "Import All Dummy Data" Button. You are all set.Please note that this process can take up to 1-5 mins (Depending on your server performance). If you choose this option you don't need to make the steps bellow anymore.(like creating menus, setting reading options etc.).

Theme Settings Panel
In order to open the Theme Settings Panel, so you can customize many aspects of your theme, such as logo, colors, tracking codes, animations etc., you'll need to do the following:

  • Login to your Worpdress Administration, navigate to Appearance -> Theme Options

  • Mega Menu Setup / Adding your logo
    To setup your mega menu follow this steps:

    • Login to your Worpdress Administration, navigate to Appearance -> Menus
    • Click on "Create a new menu", enter menu name and click Create.
    • From the left side, check items that you need, and click Add to Menu.
    • You can edit each menu label/description by expanding it's tab.
    • Save your menu.
    • Activate the menu location "Header Mega Menu" and you are all set.

    • To add a logo, go to Appearance->Mega Main Menu, scroll to the bottom of the screen at Logo Settings, and add your own logo.

    • To add dropdowns, icons, description etc to each menu, go to Appearance -> Menu and collapse the main navigation links as seen in the screenshot.

    • Additional info about Mega Menu can be found here

    How to create a page / homepage / any page / with the layout builder
  • To create a page with layout builder, simply watch the following video, as it's like a thousand words :). You can use the page created as a homepage, about us page, or any other page that came up to your mind.
  • Please note that you must use the Home Page Template/Default Builder Template in Pages->Template(before publishing) for pages like Homepage, Promo etc..., and Full Width Page Builder Template for pages that you want to have breadcrumb.
  • In order to set any page you want as your homepage, go to Settings -> Reading and choose what page you want for your homepage, and what you want for your blog.

  • Revolution Slider
    If you need additional help please visit the official page of this plugin!
    Blog Page Setup
  • 1.Create a Page from Pages-> Add New - give it a name - i.e Blog

  • 1.1. Select the Blog Template that you want

  • 1.2.Start Adding Blog Posts.

  • Portfolio Page Setup
  • 1.Create a Page from Pages-> Add New - give it a name - i.e Portfolio

  • 1.1. Select the Portfolio Template that you want

  • 1.2.Start Adding Portfolio Posts(Portfolio -> Add NEW) and they will be displayed on the page you just created.

  • Extra Portfolio Details
  • First thing you should check that you have imported CCTM Settings at Appearance -> Theme Options -> Importer -> Custom Content Type Manager -> Import CCTM Dummy Data.
  • If this is checked it should be a piece of cake adding extra details. Just look up in the image bellow and follow the pattern.

  • Tip. To see all the icons that you can use inside the "i" tag go to Page Builder and add a block that has icons. You can find there the complete list of icons that you can also use here. Just copy the title of the icon inside the "i class" tag and you are set.

  • WooCommerce Slider & Docs
  • First create a slider and copy it's shortcode.
  • Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets -> WooCommerce Slider, drag a text widget inside that sidebar, and paste the slider shortcode there.
  • Additional WooCommerce info can be found here

  • Few things that you got to keep in mind:

  • 1.Adding a second image to product (to replicate the hover effect) - Products -> Add Product/Edit Product, and do as you see in this screenshot:

    2.Default images size in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products should be:

    Contact us Page Setup
  • First create a contact form, from Contact menu(left menu in wordpress administration) just like in the image bellow. After finishing copy it's shortcode.

  • Navigate to Pages -> Add New -> (Create a page - select the Contact template), and paste the contact shortcode there.
  • This page also has it's own sidebar so you can add what widgets you want there.
  • Custom Widgets
    This theme came up with some cool custom widgets. In order to use them, navigate to Appearance -> Widgets. Widgets with Hellow in front, are custom widgets. Drag and drop them on the desired sidebars.

    Unlimited Sidebars
    This theme supports unlimited sidebars. This mean you can display different sidebar on each page. Just follow this steps.

  • Create a sidebar by going to Appearance -> Sidebars.
  • Navigate to Pages -> Add New -> (Create a page - select the Pages With Dynamic Sidebar template), and at the bottom of the page choose what sidebar you want to display.
  • You can use a new created sidebar, or existing sidebars.
  • Multiple Sidebars
    This theme has multiple sidebars. This mean you can display each widgets you want, on the desired sidebar. The sidebars are located on the right side, of the widgets.

    Footer Setup
    To customize your footer navigate to Appearance -> Widgets, and locate on the right side the four footer widgets. Drag and drop your desired widgets, on each section.

  • To insert a shortcode to any page or post, simply click on the "Insert shortcode" button, on the editor, and select desired shortcode.

  • Support
    If you encounter any problems with the theme, find a bug, or anything else, we are happy to help you. Submit a ticket on HeroWP Forums, and we'll take it from there.